VirisTek Inc. is a complete solution provider with a myriad of Software Consulting Services for today's e-Business needs. Our innovative solutions cater to help organizations achieve their internal and external long-term goals. Our teams of expert resources excel in:

Product Design and Development
We specialize in designing and developing rock-solid, secure, and extensible products for our clients and customers. In addition to that we also provide maintenance and support for our designed products.

Our expert Developers and Architects will design state of the art sites for your business to business/business to consumer needs. We make on-line business as easy and efficient as it should be!

Custom Software Development
Using our unique combination of technical and business expertise, we can develop specialized software to optimize your business processes, whether internal or external.

Project Management
Project services can become convoluted and messy without the right guidance. We can provide superior Project Management services with excellent multi-tasking capabilities for any size technology project. We can dedicate an on-site Project Manager or administer your project offsite. The decision is yours!
Database Design
Managing information is the key to any business. Whether it's generated internally or coming from an external source, everyone needs to store and analyze information. We can design your database in an organized fashion to safely and efficiently store your information and accommodate your needs to analyze your unique business.
Business Life-Cycle Process

With our over 27 years of combined experience in a variety of industry sectors, we can offer unique expertise when consulting with our clients during the entire Business Life-Cycle Process. The VirisTek team will help you to plan and manage your projects at all stages to realize your organization's software needs.

Distributed Systems
Life would be easy if we could turn the power on, run our applications at all times, and have no problems! We can reduce the risk of failure and downtime by constructing a tailored Distributed System to allow your business to continue to function in an uninterrupted manner if disaster strikes. Success can sometimes also be ruinous to your business, if your systems are unable to scale up and handle larger transaction loads. We make your business systems ready to fly!
We provide complete customized training services to suit your business. Our training can be provided at your company site to make it easy for you and your employees.
Maintenance & Support
  Purchasing the services of a company like VirisTek Inc. is one thing, knowing what to do once your products are up and running is another. We not only provide training on your specially designed products, we also provide long-term maintenance and support for everything we create.

VirisTek Inc. also provides Resource Provisioning Services to help our clients attract and retain the best-qualified consultants in IT today. Our placement specialists have expert theoretical knowledge of technologies across the board and are dedicated to their client base. We offer Contract Recruiting, Permanent Placements, and Recruiting Research for the global e-Commerce market. Our consultative approach, low hiring costs and time-to-fill ratio make us the ultimate choice for companies who require new strategies and processes necessary to compete in Information Technology. VirisTek has clients in a wide variety of industries ranging from: Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, Banking, Telecommunications, Construction, Railways, to Food and Hospitality. We build and maintain strong client relationships with several global enterprises.

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