TixHub is a complete e-commerce ticketing solution for performing arts venues. The product can be used by any performing arts companies, restaurants, theaters, malls and stores. It is specially designed to be a complete e-commerce solution for performing arts venues. It covers all their ticketing and gift certificate needs.


The system enables the entertainment agency to effectively manage its ticketing inventory, patron information, brand name and gift certificates.
The system is designed to process the box office routines, provide online show information, allow online transactions, enable secure online purchasing, online printing of tickets.


Tixhub System comprises of following modules:

  • Ticketing

  • Gift Certificates

  • Management and Reporting

  • Marketing

  Eservus is an online corporate concierge service that provides a variety of discounted tickets and value-added services to tenants in office buildings. Eservus launched its service in two buildings in downtown Toronto in November 1999. It now offers its services in 200 buildings (54 million square feet) across Canada: 150 properties in Toronto, 43 properties in Calgary and 7 properties in Vancouver. Eservus's clients include many of the largest commercial and residential property managers in Canada.

Eservus earned a spot on the Profit 100, Profit Magazine's annual ranking of the fastest-growing companies in Canada in 2006. It also earned a spot on the 2003 Profit Hot 50.
Payroll and Inventory Management Software
  This software has been developed for a leading engineering concern. The system has been logically divided into two main parts i.e. the inventory management system and the payroll management system.

Inventory management system automates the whole process of project life cycle and maintains information about the inventory (consumable items in client jobs/projects) and assets (furniture and computers etc) of the company.

Payroll management system involves the computerization of Payroll Management System. This system involves salary calculations, Arrears calculation, and maintenance of loan/advances.

There were many challenges in the development of the system due to the highly distributed environment, variability in project types, complex access rights schemes and exceptions due to the manual processes.

Viristek team worked with the client to re-engineer their business process flows. This exercise helped in optimization and standardization of process, which in turn made it possible to design software for the business. All the suggested changes were finalized and were implemented by the management.
Online Hotel Reservation
  This web based application was developed for the hospitality industry to provide customers with the facility to make online room reservations. This application covers both the customer functionality as well as the administration.

Reservations administration at the Hotel can use the application to maintain the room configuration and availability. The administrator can set up rooms and rates based on several parameters. Full user administration and control is also provided to ensure secured access to the system.
Apple Express Digital DashBoard

Apple Express is a Canadian courier company with annual turnover of $1 billion. Apple used a system called COPS to run their entire business. COPS stands for Courier Order Processing System. The back-end for this system is Sco Unix ISAM files. Apple wanted to created the ability for their clients to log on and see Apple's performance for them for the previous months. They wanted to do this using a web interface. Since this is a very old UNIX based system it was not possible to do all this. However, our experts figured out an ingenious solution and the process of data transformation was automated providing Apple Express with an excellent solution.

Feature Place
  Targeted at the North American retail industry, this product aims to revolutionize the entire Trade Spending Process. This process is marketing done by manufacturers through retailers. This product has been thoroughly validated by the industry and is in demand since manufacturers and retailers have ranked Trade Spending inefficiencies as the number one problem. Providing vertical integration between retailers and manufacturers in the area of Trade Spending, FeaturePlace is a feather in the cap for VirisTek. Industry gurus have been involved in the development to make a perfect product.
Purchase Order Flow

This product is highly need driven and has been developed on the user's request. It is an ASP based model with its Front End in Macromedia. The PO system offers Search Engine facilities to enable the user to shop for best prices. It covers the entire purchasing process and includes the following:

· Demand Initiation
· Budget Allocation Verification
· Required Approvals
· Pay Order to Supplier
· Supplier Invoice
· Delivery Verification
· Payment to the Supplier

The PO system has been currently developed for the hospitality industry and the Client is acting as the Beta tester. The system streamlines the working of the entire Purchasing Process and offers Complete Audit Trails, Cheapest Sources (Best Prices) and Tight Internal Controls.

  A new revolutionary POS solution linking the supply chain with the demand chain. The idea has been generated by experts and is a strong need in the industry. This product allows a central reservation facility to be used for hotels and restaurants. Time Savings, Inventory Management and Clear Audit Trails are the salient features of POSREV. The product is in the analysis and design phase. The industry has already shown its commitment to POSREV.

VirisTek is aggressively pursuing a number of other ideas in a similar fashion. In the short term, it will provide VirisTek with sufficient operating capital. Once VirisTek has enough projects running, economies of scale will kick in and VirisTek will actually make a substantial profit from developing these products. Currently, VirisTek is relying on these products to generate sufficient revenue streams to compensate for the subsidized rates at which VirisTek is willing to develop them.

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